Monday, October 27, 2008

Three came!

One of the things I have known about blogs and websites and instant communications is that you have to DO IT. That is, you have to write this week and write next week and the week after. I am terrible about that type of “doing.” To counteract my propensity to avoid writing I have an “every Monday list” of things that I must do – blog is on that list.

NEW CHURCH START update: Two weekends ago, SoulLinkGathering had it’s first get together. Three people came. There are ways I could phrase this – “only” three people came, THREE people came!, three people came and left. I choose THREE people came – and three left saying they would bring others to future gatherings. That is awesome, because it means that three more people now share the vision of what can happen with this fledgling faith community. Three more people are aware that there is a need for a liberal, nontraditional gathering in our area of Pennsylvania. These three people will multiply into three more and three more and …

Looking at this, I see that I am a glass half-full person and I choose positive outcomes as my frame of reference. You who read this can let me know, over the week to week to week times, whether I retain my positive outlook. New Church Plant training tells us this work has the greatest highs and the greatest lows. Each will be part of this musing – as an optimist, you may expect more highs.